Steve Job’s Mastery of analogies sent Apple Skyrocketing. This simple language trick is a big key to business innovation. A desktop, after all, wasn’t always on your computer! You can be an expert in your service field and the words and terminology you use are familiar to you but this is not always the case with your target market. 

Analogies help take the mystery out of what you are trying to explain to potential clients. 

Case Study: Gavin Monument is a Process Optimisation Consultant who specialises in 5S and Six Sigma. Gavin works with small and medium size businesses.  Process Optimisation is not a term a lot of businesses would be familiar with and the benefits of how it could help their business is a mystery to them. Gavin worked for the McLaren Formula 1 Team as a Process Improvement Consultant for 25 years. Mind that Gap Studio developed an analogy comparing car racing with process optimisation.

Do you feel like you are ‘spinning your wheels’ in your business because you do not have clear processes in place for each part of your business? I don’t want to see businesses going off track through lack of efficiency and effectiveness. What I can do for your business is look at your processes and break them down into sequential steps to see where improvement can be made. Paragon Process Optimisation is your ‘Business Tune-Up’ partner,

Analogies are also a powerful way to create your point of difference. The analogy is what will make your business memorable and top of mind when people need your particular service. 

Case Study: Anna Porcaro is a Social Media Consultant who specialises in facebook training and in particular helping boomer business owners who do not consider themselves very tech-savvy. Anna has a wonderful and varied background, including being a Ballroom Dancer and Adjudicator for a number of years, Mind that Gap Studio used the analogy of comparing dancing to the way in which she conducts her social media training step by step.

You only need to watch an episode of Dancing with the Stars to realize that learning a dance is difficult for those who have not danced before. We eagerly watch as we see the professional dance partners go through step by step, over and over again till the contestant has mastered it; and yet there still can be challenges! 

If you have never used social media as a marketing tool for your business you can end up with the same feeling of overwhelm and despair as the contestants on Dancing with the Stars! Here at Wise Media Consulting we gently tutor and coach you using The Wise Media Consulting Way (The WMC Way) in easy simple steps – step by step slowly, so you can master the ‘dance’ of Social Media,

The fee for an Analogies Service is $135AU.  

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