Are you a service professional, consultant, adviser, practitioner or coach that wants to create eBooks to sell to your clients? 

Do you have lot of ideas floating around in your head and on bits of paper as to what you want to include in your eBooks but you are unsure how to structure the content of the eBook? 

Are you struggling to find the time to research and write the content in a structured and sequential manner?

Mind that Gap Studio provides eBook Content Writing Packages 

The package size can be customised to fit your requirements.

The eBook Content Writing Package includes:
  • 1 hour consultation session to build the structure and outline of the eBook.
  • Research and writing for the eBook. 
  • The eBook content will be completed as a Google document. 
  • The package does not include the graphic design elements for the eBook.  
The eBook content is written in user-friendly language (being mindful of the style that is used within your service industry).

eBook Content Writing Packages
Starting from 1000 words for $225

Email or phone +61 4 8807 7034 to discuss the content creation of your eBook today.