Content Marketing is a type of marketing strategy which involves creating and distributing relevant and valuable content - both online and offline. Content which will attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience. 

Content marketing delivers educational or useful information – it is also known as Education-Based Marketing. Context Marketing is about timing communication so that it is the most relevant. 

Content Marketing + Context Marketing are the engine of your business. If the engine is strong and running well, then it should be consistently driving quality customers and clients to your business. 

Mind that Gap Studio focuses on the eContent Marketing of your business. 

Is your eContent Marketing running rough? 

Do you have a warning light on your eContent Marketing ‘dashboard’? 

What ‘faults’ are you currently experiencing with your eContent Marketing? 

How does your eContent Marketing engine stand out from the crowd and from your competitors?
How well is your eContent Marketing stand out from the crowd

What is the current state of your eContent Marketing?

  • What online platforms are you publishing content on – are those platforms places where you target market will be found?
  • How often are you publishing online?
  • What type of search queries, social media conversations and digital media interactions are your clients having?
  • What type of content are your competitors developing and across what media/platforms/channels?
  • What keywords are your target market using in search engines?
Level 1: eContent Marketing Diagnostic Scan and Basic Report
  • 45 minute eContent Marekting Diagnostic phone or skype session. 
  • Bullet point written review of your current eContent Marketing.
  • Recommendations on your eContent copy for 4 pieces of current eContent – for example, newsletter, blog posts, social media posts and website content. 
  • Fee: $397.
Level 2: eContent Marketing Analysis and Full Report
  • 90 minute eContent Marekting Diagnostic phone or skype session.
  • Detailed written review of your eContent Marketing.
  • An analysis of your tracked results from your eContent Marketing. 
  • Recommendations and resources to improve your eContent Marketing. 
  • Fee: $597.
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